Host Cities / Stage 1


Belišće is a small industrial town in Croatia's eastern region of Slavonija. The Gutmann family, who bought the land and surrounding oak forests for exploitation, founded Belišće in 1884. A sawmill was constructed, the first production facility in Belišće. Along with the wood industry, the residential quarter slowly grew and started exhibiting urban elements.

According to oral tradition, the first football game was played in 1888, while the first theatrical production performed in 1905.

Belišće gave the world many famous individuals, among which the most notable is Marija Ljubek, the Olympic canoeist and world champion.

Based on a rich tradition of achievement in sports, Belišće stands as the proud owner of the European Town of Sport title for 2017.

Belišće is today not only a town of industry and sport but a child-friendly place, rich in culture and tradition, based on the legacy of people like the famous Hollywood composer Sigmund Romberg. 


Source: TB Belišće